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Cheap Rx – The Cheapest Online Pharmacy to Fill Prescriptions With Discount

You have probably been getting your medications from a local drugstore before visiting Cheap Rx for the first time. We love visitors, first of all, we want you to feel absolutely welcome. Next, we want to let you know that your local pharmacy has been taking advantage of your health problems. You will realize this when we help you compare the price offered by the local pharmacy and the prices that we offer.

Maybe you have bought your medications at Cheap Rx before. You have returned because you loved the services we offered you the first time you bought your meds from us. Don’t ignore this article. The first time you bought your medications from Cheap Rx, you probably did not go through the whole Cheap Rx website. This means that you missed a lot of things about us. Stick around and you will get to learn about these things.

Why We Started Cheap Rx

We have always dreaded how people are forced to pay exorbitant prices for their drugs by the walk-in pharmacies. These people are sick. They want to stay alive and enjoy their lives. People managing the local pharmacies know that anyone who is sick will do anything to buy something that can make his or her life better. The local pharmacies will raise the medication prices as high as possible. They want you to dig as deep as possible into your pocket. They do not care whether you have to go into debt just to pay for your meds.

People deserve much better. No one should go into debt while trying to improve his or her life. No one should suffer because affording medications is not a possibility. No family should suffer because they are trying to give their sick family member a comfortable life. We created Cheap Rx to make all this possible. We had to ensure that people can pay for their meds and not end up being homeless. We had to ensure that men and women could afford prescription and over the counter medications without forcing their kids to stay hungry because all the food money was used to purchase medications.

Apart from lowering the price, we started Cheap Rx in order to make sure that people have access to a wide variety of medications. Local pharmacies give their buyers access to brand medications. Generic medications are available. Some of them are even improved to work faster than the brand versions. A good example is the generic Viagra sublingual tablets. These take about 15 to 20 minutes to help a man gain an erection. Brand Viagra available in the local pharmacy will take a minimum of a whole hour to produce any effect. Local pharmacies rarely stock generic medications. These are usually cheaper and the local drugstore wants to take as much money from you as possible. Cheap Rx stocks both brand and generic medications. We make sure that our customers take home exactly what they want.

Who is Behind Cheap Rx

It is possible that you are asking yourself right now, “Who is this ‘we’?” This is a valid question. You would want to know who will be handling your medications.

Cheap Rx is a drugstore that is made up of only professionals. Our team is comprised of men and women with the following qualities:

  • Excellent education
  • Great work ethics
  • A passion for making sure that everyone can afford his or her health products

Everyone working to make sure you enjoy your experience while purchasing your medications at Cheap Rx believes in one basic philosophy. The philosophy is, everyone should have the ability to pay for his meds without compromising his finances.

Anyone who joins our team of professionals has experience in the particular field that he or she will be working in. Our pharmacy technicians, logistics department staff, IT specialists, and customer support team are not experimenting to see whether they like what they will be doing at Cheap Rx. They are people who have worked in their particular field for a long time. This means that they know how to take care of all your needs in the shortest time possible.

At Cheap Rx, we pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere that promotes both professional enhancement and friendliness. This is one of the things that has helped us achieve each and every goal that we have ever set. It has made us grow and become more popular among both the new customers and people who have been ordering from Cheap Rx for a while. The professional team working to make Cheap Rx better has always managed to turn our first customers into loyal customers.

What Makes Us Different

Statistics show that the internet has more than 35000 pharmacies. It is possible for anyone to ask himself or herself, “how are you different from all the other pharmacies available on the web and promising the best services?” We intend to answer this question in this section.

The web has thousands of pharmacies. However, there are the facts that you may not know. After an analysis was carried out by the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy), it was discovered that over 95% of these pharmacies are fake. The fake pharmacies cannot be differentiated from the real pharmacies easily. They have great text on their pharmacy websites. They promise cheap prices, high-quality medications, quick delivery, re-shipment and refund of lost or destroyed packages, and they will offer you coupon codes. Their customer support department will offer you the best services when you are buying. This will make you believe that you are currently dealing with a genuine pharmacy. However, as soon as you pay for your meds, you will end up being ignored. They will have fake testimonials which look real.

Care has to be taken when selecting an online pharmacy. When you shop for your meds at Cheap Rx, you get to enjoy numerous benefits. We offer the following to our first-time buyers and return customers:


  • Low Prices


When you compare the prices we offer for all the meds in our catalog with those of the local pharmacy, you will notice that our prices are at least 90% cheaper. It does not matter whether you are buying a brand or generic medication. You will always save at least 90% of your money.


  • We Do Not Need A Prescription Script to Ship Medications


When you walk into the local pharmacy, unless you are purchasing an over the counter medication, the first thing the pharmacy attendant will want is a valid prescription script. It will not matter to the attendant whether you have used the drug before or not. Some online pharmacies will also require you to have a prescription script too. At Cheap Rx, we are all about making it easier for our buyers to access their medications. We do not require you to have a prescription script. However, we always advise our buyers to talk to a health professional before using any new medication. Using a drug while following your doctor’s instructions will help you avoid side effects which are usually a result of overdosing. If you take an underdose, you will not enjoy the benefits the medication has to give.


  • No Wasting Time Creating an Account


Most online pharmacies will require you to create an account before checking out your medications. This wastes too much time. At Cheap Rx, we want you to save your time. This is the reason you will get to check out your meds without having to log into an account or create one.


  • Locating Medications is Easy


When buying medications on the internet, you may not know the exact name of the drug you are looking to purchase. Some pharmacies will require you to search for the exact medication you wish to purchase. Instead of letting you suffer while trying to locate the medication you would like to buy, we have made things much easier for you. We have a catalog that has all the medications we offer arranged in categories. Each category has medications which treat a particular health complication. If you do not know the name of the drug you want to buy but you know the health complication you want to treat, you can select a drug under the category that has your health complication name.


  • We Have Secure Payment Options


We focus on ensuring that our customers feel as safe as possible. This is why we have implemented safe payment options. We only need our buyers to pay using credit cards. Credit cards are safe. This is because you can dispute the charges made to your credit card. We know that the web has shady people who can try to steal your data. This is why at check out, we redirect our customers to an SSL-secured website where they can enter their credit card details safely. This helps us ensure that no one can steal your credit card details.


  • We Refund and Re-Ship Lost or Damaged Products


During the shipping process, we can make a mistake and ship your medications to the wrong destination. Also, sometimes we can make mistakes and ship the wrong package. During the shipping process, meds may get destroyed. We are willing to take responsibility for all this. We are willing to refund your money. Also, we will be willing to re-ship your package free of charge if you are in any of the situations we have mentioned. You will get to choose what you want us to do to make the situation right.


  • We Have a Great Customer Support Team


We understand that there is a chance of you getting confused when ordering your medication online. We have a team that will help you get exactly what you want. We understand that you will need to get information regarding your order. We have a team that will answer every question you have. You can reach out to our customer support team via a phone call or via an email. We have a contact form where you can fill out your message and send us the email. We will respond to your email within a period of 24 hours.


  • Our Spam Policy


You will provide us with your contact details at checkout to help us reach you during the delivery process. There is a chance that you will wonder whether we will end up misusing the contact information. We respect our customer’s personal space. We know it is incredibly annoying for someone to open his or her inbox and find unwelcome messages trying to get him or her to buy something. Cheap Rx is much better than that. Unless we have something extremely important to inform you, we will never send you any emails. To give you an example of something important that will make us contact you, take an example of when you order from us. During the delivery process, you may want to know about the shipping process. We may email you to inform you about the status of your order.

Cheap Rx is a popular pharmacy. This means that some shady people may try to use our name to steal from you. If emails pop up in your inbox claiming they are from Cheap Rx, inform us immediately. We will investigate the matter. If the emails are really from us, we will fix this issue. The messages should cease appearing in your inbox immediately. If these are not from us, we will advise you accordingly. Never click suspicious links present in emails. This is the best way to avoid scammers.

Who Do We Sell Our Medications to?

We are never selective about who we sell medications to. We sell our meds to people worldwide. People from Europe, US, and other parts of the world have already purchased medications from Cheap Rx. We started operating back in 1997. As of 2018, Cheap Rx has served more than 1 million customers. People love the fact that ordering medications from Cheap Rx is never a complicated procedure. Whether they are buying for the first time or the second time, they never have to struggle. Whether you are a computer professional or you do not know much about computers, you will still find it extremely easy to buy medications at Cheap Rx. If anything confuses you, our customer support team can help you. You can use any of our phone numbers to call us and we will immediately help you get unstuck and complete your order successively.

Are We Approved by the Regulatory Bodies?

A great online pharmacy is supposed to be registered by the regulatory pharmacy bodies available in the country from which it operates. We operate from Canada. In Canada, we have two popular pharmacy regulatory bodies. These are CIPA and MIPA. CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. MIPA stands for Manitoba International Pharmacist Association. Both associations have already approved Cheap Rx.

Before these pharmacy regulatory bodies approve a drugstore, they have to scrutinize the pharmacy. They have to check whether the drugstore offers high-quality medications. They have to check whether the drugstore has a qualified team of professionals who can handle the orders carefully. The fact that two major pharmacy regulatory bodies believe in us means that we are trustworthy.

All the medications we sell have already received approval from the Food and Drug Association. This means that they have been tested and determined to have the most benefits for their users. When buying the medications we offer at Cheap Rx, you have nothing to fear.

Do We Have Testimonials?

More than 1,000,000 customers have bought their meds from Cheap Rx. It would be weird if we did not have testimonials from even a single customer. Over the years, Cheap Rx customers have sent us their reviews. These men and women send us their 5-star reviews out of their own volition. This means that they are happy enough to take their time to sit down and write their testimonials for us.

The common things that we have observed in the testimonials are that the customers were happy with our customer support department and they were pleased with the prices they had to pay for their meds. Our customers indicate that they enjoyed taking the meds we sold them which produced the same effects as the meds they had been paying an extremely high price for in the local pharmacy.  All our customers who sent testimonials indicated that they would like to continue ordering from us. These men and women have kept their promise over the years.

We know that explaining what our customers reported about us in the reviews will not cut it for most of our potential customers. However, it is always good to let you know what to expect when you finally get to read the reviews yourself. We have a page that has some of the reviews we have received in the past 2 decades. Checking out these testimonials will help you make your decision. We have the testimonials here.

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